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State Capital offers a comprehensive range of certified, title-quality search services in NJ and nationwide. We specialize in providing fast, prompt service while giving personal attention to every order. New Jersey's title insurance companies, law firms, government offices, lending institutions, and many other independent agents look to State Capital for their search needs.

UCC Search
State Capital will provide a certification showing all effective financing statements filed in the office of the New Jersey State Treasurer for a named debtor. This certificate also shows any changes made to the filing, including terminations. All copies of the original documents can be requested and orders are typically completed within 8½ hours. Use State Capital for all NJ and nationwide UCC searches and we can guarantee quick results.
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Corporate Status
Status reports, certified by State Capital, are informational documents that reflect the status of a registered business entity. Information reflected on these reports include(s) the business status, registered agent information, and associated names such as previous names. Unlike any other company, when you order a Corporate Status from us we also check to make sure that no receiverships have been placed against the corporation. Turn to State Capital when you have corporate status questions.

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Franchise Tax Search
Under the Corporation Business Act, all domestic and foreign corporations are required to pay a Franchise Tax for the privilege of having a corporate charter or doing business in the state of New Jersey. State Capital will submit your order to make sure that there are no liens against the corporation for not paying these taxes. Every year, State Capital, which is the industry's leading provider of Franchise Tax searches, creates a database of the corporations searched. As the year progresses, our database increases. Since we have the largest database in the State of NJ, many requests can be complete on the same day, much more quickly than our competitors. Franchise Tax Reports that are not in our database take 4-6 weeks.

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Corporate Information / Copy Work
Need more information about a corporation? State Capital will get you all of the copy work pertaining to all the documents for LLP, LLC, LP, GP or Corporation. Additionally, you can order information such as Annual Reports, Registered Agents, and Officers and Directors for a corporation. Not only can we provide a wide range of services, State Capital beats the industry standard on fast turnaround time. Additionally, on some older corporations, our database is even better than the records that the State of NJ has on file. When you need information regarding the Officers & Directors , or the date of incorporation, or any other public record turn to SC experienced staff to get you this information in 2-3 working days.

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Certificate of Good Standing
Good Standing certificates verify the legal status of business entities operating in New Jersey. The certificates, which are certified by the State of NJ, prove if a corporation is authorized to do business. Good Standings can be ordered on Corporations, LLCs and LLPs. These come in either short or long form depending on your requirements and take about one business day to complete.

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Judgment Search
State Capital has compiled a searchable database of the NJ Superior Court, the US District Court, and the Bankruptcy Court in NJ. Using this powerful tool, in a matter of minutes, we can provide any liens or money judgments, including child support, filed against the requested name. Options integrated in our search are: choose your date range for the past 20 years, name selection sensitivity to meet your needs, and run Updates/Run-Downs on searches before a closing. Let us be your new Judgment Search provider in the State of New Jersey.

Patriot Name Search
With the passage of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, anyone involved in a real estate transaction must be checked against a list of names of known and suspected terrorists. State Capital can run your Patriot Name Search along with a Judgment search on the same name or we can run it on it's own, depending on your needs. This search is returned to you in a matter of minutes allowing you to quickly review your results.

Child Support Search/Status
Click HERE for updated information related to child support searching.

Name Reservation and/or Availability
Want to check name availability or reserve a business name even before you register? State Capital can help you with both options. For one price, you can search up to three names to see if they are available in the state of NJ. You may also search up to three names, and reserve one of them for your use by ordering a name reservation. By reserving a name for your business, you ensure that no one can use that name within the next 120 days. Get your business started now.

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Annual Reports
All domestic and foreign corporations, as well as all limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships must submit annual reports and associated processing fees each year with the State of NJ. For any company to remain in an active business status, a report must be filed every year. In accordance with State law, businesses that fail to file annual reports for two consecutive years will be revoked. We will provide either the filed annual report or a State certified document containing the information listed on the annual report. Annual reports show the current Officers & Directors.

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Registered Agent Letter
State Capital can obtain the name of the registered agent for a business entity. Including in a registered agent search is the New Jersey street address of that person or business. Only one registered may be designated for a company.

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Officers and Directors Letter
Who are the Officers and Directors for a company registered in NJ or even Nationwide? Turn to State Capital for fast, accurate results. We can get you the names as well as information pertaining to the incorporation of the business, the registered agents, and the addresses on file for the requested company. And we can do all of this in less than 9 hours!

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We are the largest provider of Franchise Tax searches in the marketplace.