4 Ways to Ensure an Airtight Tax Foreclosure Review in New Jersey

Foreclosure proceedings can be complicated, with numerous steps, details and due diligences that can’t be overlooked. Whether you’re a firm entrusted with finding all the relevant property records before proceedings begin, an attorney assisting a client in foreclosing on a Tax Sale Certificate, or a title company trying to secure underwriting on a property, it’s important to find and use the resources that ensure your foreclosure proceedings are conducted in compliance with the law—so, what are those resources? Read on to find out the right searches, certificates, status reports and abstracts to safeguard every party’s investment in a tax sale foreclosure.

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Certificate of Good Standing: Why Your Business Needs One

Owning a business is no easy feat; apart from day to day operations, the legal side of owning a business can be confusing and daunting. Laws differ by state, with businesses requiring different paperwork and certificates in order to operate legally and successfully. One of the major components of operating a business legally is a Certificate of Good Standing, also known as a Certificate of Existence, or Certificate of Authorization. In this blog, we’ll explain what a Certificate of Good Standing is, how to get one and what it means for your business and others that want to do business with you.

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NJ Child Support: Important Guidelines and Information

Child support cases and rulings can be tricky to understand and keep up with after a ruling has been reached, equally for the custodial parent and non-custodial parent. Even more confusing are the ramifications that child support payments can have on future court rulings involving the debtor. Depending on the court ruling, these effects are complicated further if the debtor maintains a record of child support payments that have not been paid to satisfaction.

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How to Claim a New Business Name in 5 Easy Steps

Choosing a business name is an exciting milestone for entrepreneurs. It’s easy, however, to get wrapped up in all the planning without first considering the complexities of legally claiming this big, defining aspect of your new business. There are several things you need to nail down before you can officially call a name your own, and we’ve condensed them into five easy steps so you can approach claiming a business name the smart way. Don’t risk encountering legal complications or losing out on a name you love—start your naming journey by reviewing these five steps and following them to completion.

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