State Capital Service Update Regarding COVID-19

On behalf of all of us at State Capital, we hope you and your friends, families, and colleagues are safe. Our hearts go out to all those who are being impacted by the effects of the coronavirus.

As you continue to adapt to a new way of life, we’re here for you. Our website is fully functional to order, track, and retrieve your searches, 24/7/365. We continue to obtain the latest index records to remain current with certifying the reports we deliver back to you. We know that many of you are working remotely, as is everyone at State Capital. Rest assured we are still available to help you sustain traction and ensure business continuity.

While we at State Capital work remotely, we ask that our customers please use email to contact us for the fastest and most reliable response times. If you need to speak with an associate, let us know in your email with your contact information, and a State Capital representative will call you promptly.

For questions regarding your searches, email the department you need to contact:

We hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy during this challenging time.

Chris Eler, President & CEO
State Capital 

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