How to Find a Judgment Lien Online

A judgment lien is granted to a creditor who wins a lawsuit against a debtor. This lien creates a claim on the piece of property in favor of the creditor. Judgment liens can delay you in selling, refinancing, purchasing, or taking any other financial actions on a property.

We’ve covered how to remove judgment liens, so now we want to discuss how you can find liens now and remove them before they become problematic. Many people are unaware of judgment liens against them until they’re already beginning an important and delicate transaction, such as applying for mortgage or refinancing their existing home loan. Liens must be paid in full or otherwise removed (sometimes creditors and debtors can negotiate and settle for a lower sum) before the transaction can take place.

Here are some tips to help you be prepared for your property transaction before an expensive surprise pops up when you try to either obtain a mortgage or sell your home.

  1. Use a Reliable Search Platform
    To conduct a thorough and accurate judgment lien search, you need a search tool that goes beyond what standard search engines can do for you. Find one that allows you to search multiple states and counties with plenty of fields for narrowing down your search. You want the search platform to cast a wide net but make it easy for you to pare down the results.
  1. Know the Facts First
    The most obvious requirements for performing an effective search are often the most problematic. You need to make sure all the information you have about the owner and property you are searching for is correct. You might be surprised how many documents pass through various county clerks’ offices with typographical errors. Make sure you search carefully and be wary of how names can be used differently in records, such as going by “Jim” in civil court proceedings and “James” on the title of a home.
  1. Consult the Experts
    You don’t have to choose between the convenience of an online search and the sense of security that comes from working with an expert. If you find an online search platform that’s supported by a reputable public records provider, you can have the best of both worlds. Find a public records search provider that offers the option of live support over the phone or via webchat, so you can get help when sifting through results or deciphering documents. Having the option to consult a search expert is truly the best way to ensure your results are complete and accurate.

Wrapping Up

A judgment lien on a property can be a costly stop along the road to a sale, a refinanced mortgage, or any other property transaction. Protect yourself from unforeseen issues by conducting a judgment lien search ahead of any financial actions taken on a property. To find out how state-of-the-art search technology and expert support can bring you a true feeling of financial security in real-time, contact a trusted public records search provider today.