At State Capital, our document filing services include initial formation documents and various amendatory filings as well as annual reporting for specific business types. For UCC filing, certificate of incorporation or formation and name reservations, look no further than the State Capital team who calls upon more than 90 years of experience to offer dependable results.

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Formation

UCC 1 Filing

At State Capital, we will file the required financing documents with the Division of Commercial Recording to record and protect a secured party’s interest. UCC Filings include amendments, terminations, assignments and releases. 100% of State Capital UCC filing searches are certified.

Name Reservation or Availability

Do you need to check name availability or reserve a business name before you register? State Capital can help you with both of these options. For one price, you can search up to three names to determine their availability in the state of New Jersey. You may also search up to three names and reserve one by ordering a name reservation. By reserving a name, you prevent other businesses from using the name for the next 120 days.

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