State Capital has partnered with the two most reliable sources for property searches in New Jersey, Western Technologies Group (WTG) and Priority Search Services (PSS), and integrated their property search products into State Capital’s platform, enabling our clients to order, track and retrieve their search products all in one place, anytime, anywhere.

Tidelands Report

WTG is the premier provider for Tidelands (Riparian Rights) searches in New Jersey. For over 20 years, WTG has developed a proprietary technology to create an accurate, cost effective and timely product. Our technology team has developed a seamless tax map layer to identify properties in real space. This allows us to deliver a product with accurate Visual Verification. Maps and property owner information are constantly being updated to produce the highest quality search which is certified, insured and delivered in a PDF format. Once you receive a report, our Tidelands Resource Center, staffed by industry leading Tidelands Analysts are at your disposal to answer all of your questions.

Flood & Life of Loan Flood Searches

WTG produces Structure Based Flood Zone Determinations. They include aerial overlays of the flood zones so that you can see the location of the flood zone on the property and how it relates to all insurable structures. The overlays allow you to see exactly how and why your structure is affected. This removes any question as to how the determination was made by our analysts. Flood Determinations also includes Preliminary FEMA data when it is available. This data is sourced from revisions FEMA is making to regulatory map products. Since the data is not regulatory, it cannot be used to rate flood insurance policies at this time. It is provided so that homeowners and local officials can make the most informed decision using “potential” changes to guide them. Determinations from WTG  are Certified and Insured for errors and omissions. We are staffed with Nationally Certified Floodplain Managers (CFMs) that can address all of your flood questions.

Tax, Assessments & Utility Searches

A Municipal Tax Search is required for all Real Estate transfers and refinances of properties in New Jersey. These searches verify the status of payments on Taxes, Assessments and Utilities. These searches also confirm any open Tax Sale Certificates that may be currently held against the property. Our 15-28 years of experienced field representatives provide on site inspections, as well as providing assistance in resolving any municipal issues and discrepancies that may exist. We take pride in providing the most timely and accurate reports. Our customer service and support team is a leader in the industry. All Priority Search Services Municipal Tax Searches are fully insured.

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