State Capital offers a comprehensive range of certified, title-quality, public data search services. We specialize in court records searches for title, legal and lending professionals. By day, we guarantee that a knowledgeable team member will answer your call and by night, our user-friendly platform is available to accommodate any and all of your search needs.

NJ Upper Court Judgment/Lien Search

State Capital has compiled a searchable database of the Superior Court of New Jersey, the US District Court of New Jersey and the US Bankruptcy Court of New Jersey. In just minutes, our proprietary tool allows us to produce any liens or money judgments, including child support, filed against the requested name. Integrated search options include the ability to choose a date range over the past 20 years, select name sensitivity to meet your needs, and check for updates on searches before a closing.

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Child Support Judgment Search

Certified Child Support Judgment Searches assist in satisfying the statutory requirement that civil action attorneys use to determine whether or not a beneficiary is a debtor in a Child Support Judgment before releasing to them settlements, judgments, inheritance or monetary awards. These reports are completed and returned to you in minutes.

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NJ Litigation Search

NJ Litigation Searches are name searches which combine a search of the public records of both the US District Court, District of New Jersey for any pending litigation, and the Superior Court of New Jersey, centralized system, for all cases.  Cases where the name searched matches either the party plaintiff or defendant in the case are included in the results of this search. Our Litigation Searches are conducted in house and can easily be tailored to your needs by date range, limiting to a certain county, and more.  After you receive your report, you may also request copies of up to 10 dockets for no additional fee.

Patriot Name Search

The USA Patriot Act of 2001 dictates that anyone involved in a real estate transaction must be referenced using a list of names of known and suspected terrorists. State Capital can run your Patriot Name Search along with a judgment search on the same name or individually, depending on your needs. This search is returned to you in a matter of minutes, allowing you to quickly review the results.

UCC Filing

State Capital will file the required financing documents electronically with the NJ Division of Commercial Recording to record and protect a secured party’s interest. UCC filings include amendments, terminations, assignments and releases. All recorded documents are returned to the client along with the filing date and UCC number.

UCC Search

State Capital will provide a certification showing all effective financing statements filed in the office of the New Jersey State Treasurer for a named debtor. This certificate also shows any changes made to the filing, including terminations. All copies of the original documents can be requested and orders are typically completed within 8½ hours.

Corporate Status

Corporate Status Reports certified by State Capital are informational documents that reflect the status of a registered business entity. Information reflected in these reports includes the business status, registered agent information, and previous and other associated names. One of the benefits of ordering a Corporate Status report from State Capital is our ability ensure that no receiverships have been placed against the corporation.

Certificate of Good Standing

Good Standing certificates verify the legal status of business entities operating in New Jersey. The certificates, which are certified by the state of New Jersey, prove if a corporation is authorized to conduct business. Certificates of Good Standing can be ordered on Corporations, LLCs and LLPs. They can be delivered in either short or long form, depending on your requirements, and take about one business day to complete. Short form lists the company name as it appears in the State’s system, corporate ID number, date of incorporation/formation, home state if the company is foreign-authorized, name and address of the registered agent and the standing of the company. The long form has two types. There is the long form showing charter documents, which shows all the above information along with a list of additional documents on record with filing date. There is also the long form showing officers, directors, and members, this form shows all the above information along with the names and addresses of any members and officers on record. Not sure what form you need? Contact our office for their expert advice.

Franchise Tax Lien Search

Under the Corporation Business Act, all domestic and foreign corporations are required to pay a franchise tax for the privilege of having a corporate charter or conducting business in the state of New Jersey. State Capital will submit your order to make sure that there are no liens against the corporation for not paying these taxes. State Capital maintains a database of all corporations searched, meaning that as each year progresses, our database grows. Because we have the largest database in New Jersey, many requests are completed within one business day. For franchise tax reports that are not in our database, requests can take four to six weeks to complete.

Corporate Information and Copy Work

State Capital can provide copy work pertaining to documents for LLP, LLC, LP, GP or Corporation and can obtain information such as annual reports, registered agents and officers and directors for a corporation. For older corporations, our database is often more thorough than the records held by the state of New Jersey. At State Capital, you can get the corporate information you need within just two to three business days.

Annual Reports

All domestic and foreign corporations, as well as all limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships must submit annual reports and associated processing fees each year with the state of New Jersey. For a company to maintain an active business status, a report must be filed yearly. In accordance with state law, any business that fails to file an annual report for two consecutive years will have their status revoked. State Capital can provide the filed annual report or a state certified document containing the information listed on the annual report. Annual reports include a company’s current officers and directors.

Registered Agent Letter

State Capital can obtain the name of the registered agent for a business entity. Only one registered agent may be designated for a company. A Registered Agent Letter also includes the New Jersey street address of the individual or business.

Officers and Directors Letter

When seeking the officers or directors for a company registered in New Jersey or nationwide, State Capital can provide names as well as relevant information pertaining to the incorporation of the business. This can include the registered agent names and addresses on file for the requested company. Letters can be produced within one business day.

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