[WEBINAR] New Jersey Search Experts – SoftPro 360

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Take advantage of the benefits of the New Jersey Search Experts integration, including:
Did you know that you can order search products and reports with New Jersey Search Experts directly through your SoftPro software? You can order Judgment Searches, Chancery Abstracts, Corporate Status Reports, UCC’s, Tidelands, Flood, Tax, Assessment & Utility Searches, and more. Priority Search Services, State Capital, and Western Technologies Group are partnered as New Jersey Search Experts as the only source you will need for quick turnaround times, accurate and dependable results, and responsive customer service. 100% insured and 100% reliable.

  • Accurate and reliable reports
  • Experienced employees to assist in explaining the reports
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Most efficient turnaround times without sacrificing quality of products
  • All searches are fully insured with their E&O coverage

Learn more about the New Jersey Search Experts integration in SoftPro 360 here.